What is the role of the Securities & Commodities Authority ?

Securities & Commodities Authority is the governing body for all the stock exchanges, securities and commodities listed in UAE. This includes Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX), Dubai Financial Market (DFM) and Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGFX) and securities and commodities listed in these markets. The major responsibilities of SCA includes:

  • * To improve the efficiency of the Financial Market and protect investors from unfair and incorrect practices.
  • * To provide opportunities for the investment of the available cash and saving in such a manner.
  • * To regulate and monitor the licensing of securities in the market and determine the conditions that should be met when launching securities.
  • * To ensure smooth and prompt liquidation of the money invested in securities and also ensure the interaction of the demand and supply elements with a view to determining the prices of these securities and protecting small investors through consolidating the bases of sound and fair dealing among the different categories of investors.
  • * To gather information and statistics about the securities that are being dealt with and publish reports on them.
  • * To conduct studies and submit proposals to the different official authorities with respect to the laws in force and to amend such laws in line with the development required by the securities market.
  • * To contact overseas financial markets with a view to exchanging information and expertise in such a manner that keeps pace with the progress achieved in the methods of dealing with these markets and helps the financial market develop promptly and join the membership of the concerned Arab and international organizations and federations.
  • * To develop the investment awareness of investors by organizing awareness lectures and releasing diverse publications.
  • * To consolidate professional behavior, self-control and discipline rules among brokers and those dealing in securities and encourage and rehabilitate brokers and other dealers with the market with a view to boosting their academic and practical qualification
What are the main services provided by SCA?

Services provided by SCA includes: • Public joint stock company registration and licensing • Security Broker registration and licensing • Investor awareness • News about markets and financial issues • Issuing Rules and Regulations

Are there any branches for the SCA in the UAE?

The SCA’s headquarters are in Abu Dhabi. The only branch for the SCA is located in Dubai.

How can I communicate with the SCA officials?

We are constantly trying to improve the services we provide to all our stakeholders. Your views on our services are useful in helping us to identify things which need to be improved. Please tell us about your suggestion or complaint through logging in to our Suggestion and Complaint System or by filling out the form on Contact us page.

When was the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) established?

The SCA, which was established by virtue of Federal law No. (4) of 2000, is annexed to the Minister of Economy. With its headquarters in Abu Dhabi and a branch office in Dubai, it can open office branches anywhere it deems necessary to assist in discharging its market supervision and regulation duties.

What are the SCA’s most significant strategic goals:
  • First: Developing a supervisory system of work at the SCA in accordance with the best international practices.
  • Second: Developing legislations that regulate business activities on the UAE capital markets.
  • Third: Excellence and creativity in providing services to all parties involved in business on the capital markets.
  • Fourth: Developing the central/non-central administrative services by providing those services with utmost transparency and efficiency.
What are the SCA’s administrative and technical units?

The SCA has four sectors. They are:

  • 1. General Administration Sector.
  • 2. Legal Affairs and Issuance Sector .
  • 3. Licensing Affairs, Supervision and Enforcement Sector.
  • 4. Organizational Affairs and Support Services Sector .

Each sector has departments and units. For more information please read the SCA Organization Structure by clicking on “About SCA” from the SCA website.

How do I report a problem with the website?

To report a technical problem, kindly contact the Information Technology Department at developer@sca.ae

What are the official working hours?

SCA offers flexible working hours. Official hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

How can I apply for a job at SCA?

A list of available vacancies can be found under "Vacancies" on the homepage.

Can I get SCA services through the website?

Yes, you can click on "Services" menu on the homepage for SCA's electronic services.

What is the payment method for renewing the registration certificate of joint-stock companies?

The e-Dirham is the approved payment method for registration renewals.

How can I obtain a financial consultancy license?

For details on obtaining a financial consultancy license, please contact the Licensing Department at licensing@sca.ae

How do I inquire about companies halted from trading (Amlak Finance, for example)?

For information on companies halted from trading, please contact the Issuance and Registration Section at the Issuance and Disclosure Department.

How can an investor file a complaint against a company?

For details on complaint filing, kindly contact the Securities Dispute Resolution Section at SDRS@sca.ae

How can a supplier register with SCA?

For information on suppliers' registration with SCA, kindly contact the Purchasing and Contracts Section at the Contract and Services Department.

How do I inquire about the events and activities SCA organizes for employees?

For details on the events organized by SCA, kindly contact the Media Section at the Media and Communication Department.