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​- Submit Form

- Pay Fees

The license term shall be one year ending on December 31st each year. The term of the first license shall be as from the date of issue to December 31st of the same year. The payable fee for this license shall be prorated for the licensed period of the year with a part of a month calculated as one whole month.

- Submit the request

- Pay the fees

The validity term of the renewed license shall be one year ending on December 31st

  1. Company applies for temporary stopping of activity at DGCX.
  2. DGCX verifies the completion of required documents and procedures, and forwards the application and necessary attachments to SCA for approval.
  3. SCA may approve (or reject) the application after meeting all the requirements which the authority deems appropriate in the interests of customers.
  1. Company applies for license cancellation at DGCX, and pay fees.
  2. DGCX reviews the application, and forwards it to SCA for approval.
  3. After reviewing the application, SCA issues its approval of the cancellation.
  4. Company to publish advertisement in two UAE dailies, one in Arabic and one in English, and submits copies to SCA.
​1. The brokerage companies shall enter the E-Service and register for a new user in the absence of the company username.
2. The brokerage companies shall make the bookings for examination (for First Sitting Entry Exam, as well as Resit Entry Sitting exam).
3. The brokerage companies shall pay online or attach the deposit slip in the E-Service.
4. SCA shall ensure the collection of the examination fees and shall inform the company in case of confirmation or rejection of the deposited amount.
5. The e-service confirms the date of examination booking and shall inform the company accordingly by e-mail after the end of the request.