International Reports

​​​​The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO ) aims to develop financial markets worldwide as well as to protect investors in these markets by setting global standards governing the securities industry. Within this area, IOSCO continuously conducts studies on securities related subjects. These studies are mostly in the form of questionnaires to be distributed to the member countries of IOSCO . The results of these surveys a​re then analyzed. IOSCO will then make a report on each study containing international best practices on the subject of securities, which will help the member bodies of the Organization to implement best international practices in this area.

The Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) is keen to increase the investment awareness of all market participants and to inform them of what is new in the securities industry. Accordingly, SCA has started publishing the reports issued by IOSCO on its website. 

Report Name Source Issue Date Arabic Summary
Challenges and implications for the supervision and regulation of financial Services _ Big data meets AIBAFIN2018 - July link
IOSCO Report on Good Practices for the Termination of Investment Funds IOSCO 2017 - November link
Top 10 trends in Capital Markets 2018Capgemini2017 - ​​November l​​ink
ASIC Fintech and Reg Tech report ASIC 2017-May link
IOSCO Task Force report on Wholesale Market Conduct IOSCO 2017-July link
IOSCO Report on Financial Technologies (Fintech) IOSCO 2017-February link
SME Financing and Equity Markets WFE 2017-February link
IMF Global Financial Stability Report 2016 IOSCO 2016-April link
IOSCO – Good Practice for Fees/Expenses of CIS IOSCO 2016-August link
Securities Markets Risk Outlook 2016 IOSCO 2016-March link
Cyber resilience: Health Check ASIC2016-March link
Credible Deterrence In The Enforcement Of Securities Regulation IOSCO 2015-June link
SME Financing through Capital Markets IOSCO 2015-July link
IOSCO Risk Outlook 2014-15 IOSCO 2014-October link
IOSCO Annual Report 2013 IOSCO 2014-July link
Penalties for corporate wrongdoing ASIC 2014-March link
Point of Sale disclosure in the insurance, banking and securities sectors IOSCO 2014-April link
Recommendations Regarding the Protection of Client Assets IOSCO 2014-January link
Principles for the Valuation of Collective Investment Schemes IOSCO 2013-May link
IOSCO Annual Report 2012 IOSCO 2012-March link
Report on Investor Education Initiatives Relating to Investment Services IOSCO 2013-February link
Financing of SMEs through Capital Markets in Emerging Market Countries ICSA 2013-February link
Credit Rating Agencies: Internal Controls Designed to Ensure the Integrity of the Credit Rating Process and Procedures to Manage Conflicts of Interest IOSCO 2012-December link
2012 World Federation of Exchanges Market Highlights WFE 2013-January link
Global Developments in Securitisation Regulation IOSCO 2012-November link
Corporate Governance Disclosure in Emerging Markets UNCTAD 2011-March link
Development and Regulation of Institutional Investors in Emerging Markets IOSCO 2012-June link
Requirements for Mandatory Clearing IOSCO 201-February link
Principles on Suspensions of Redemptions in Collective Investment Schemes IOSCO 2012-January link
Development of Corporate Bond Markets in the Emerging Markets IOSCO 2011-November link
Principles for the Regulation and Supervision of Commodity Derivatives Markets IOSCO 2011-September link
Mitigating Systemic Risk IOSCO 2011-February link
Report on Trading of OTC Derivatives IOSCO 2011-February link
Principles on Point of Sale Disclosure IOSCO 2011-February link
Guidelines for the Regulation of Conflicts of Interest Facing Market Intermediaries IOSCO 2010-November link
Effectiveness of Market Interventions in Emerging Markets IOSCO 2010-October link
Principles Regarding Cross-Border Supervisory Cooperation IOSCO 2010-May link
The Development of the Collective Investment Schemes Industry in Emerging Markets IOSCO 2009-December link
Guidelines to Emerging Market Regulators Regarding Requirements for Minimum Entry and Continuous Risk-Based Supervision of Market Intermediaries IOSCO 2009-December link
Fit and Proper Assessment – Best Practice IOSCO 2009-December link