Most Important Violations and Administrative Penalties of the SCA’s Law and Regulations
  1. Issue instructions
  2. Issue a notice
  3. Issue a warning
  4. Levy a fine not exceeding the maximum fine provided for in the Law and the regulations issued thereunder
  5. Suspend the licensed company from practicing of the activity for no more than one year
  6. Revoke the license/approval issued for the licensed company
  7. Revoke the trading transactions
  8. Suspend the employees authorized by the Authority from practicing of the profession for no more than two months
  9. Cancel the authorization of the employees who are authorized by the Authority
  10. Suspend the listing of the listed company for no more than six months
  11. Cancel the listing of the listed company
  12. Suspend the investor from trading for no more than one year
  13. Publish the names of the violators on the Authority’s website
  14. Refer the violator to the Public Prosecution