Sponsorship Program Baraem
Program Details

Based on its belief in the significance of investing in the country’s national human resources and in distinguished students, the SCA launched in August 2009 a sponsorship program for final students of the country’s universities and higher colleges of technology to help achieve the ambitions and strategic objectives of the UAE government regarding the development and attracting of national students to the country’s financial sector.

General concept of the program

The program focusses on taking care of outstanding students in the final year of their university or college education by providing for them opportunity to develop and sharpen their skills and to acquire practical experience in their respective fields of specialization, in a way that matches the nature of work at the SCA.

General objective of the program

Investing and developing the capacity of outstanding students by providing for them special attention and care in the SCA’s area of operation.

Detailed objectives

The program aims at assisting outstanding students in the following:

  1. Developing their personal and professional potential capacities.
  2. Boosting their confidence in their educational and professional capacities.
  3. Providing for them opportunities to learn many things in various professions related to their field of specialization, interest and capacity through their participation in field works with professional bodies related to the SCA.
  4. Providing for them opportunities to apply theories in practical form through direct interaction with experts in the concerned fields to boost their practical experience.
  5. Provide for them opportunity to interact and share experience with other students with similar capacity and interest.
Commitment to the Program

The student must be regular at lessons according to the schedules of his educational institution and the SCA program. He/ She must work at the SCA for, at least, three years after successfully graduating from school and the training.

Targeted group

Students of universities and higher colleges of technology in the following specializations:

  • Accounting
  • Law
  • Finance
  • Management
Selection and admission criteria:
  1. Student must have an accumulated score of, at least, aggregate three (3), according to his/her educational institute’s evaluation system.
  2. Must be full-time student and should not be engaged in any full-time or part-time job throughout the period of the program.
  3. Must be punctual in attending the training courses outlined or organized by the SCA with a minimum attendance rate of 85% of the total training hours of the program.
  4. Must not change field of specialization without a written approval from the SCA.
  5. Must respect all UAE rules, regulations and norms concerning the SCA’s training bodies.
Incentives of the program
  • Candidate shall receive a monthly allowance of ten thousand dirhams (AED10,000) throughout the period of the sponsorship.
  • Candidate shall work at the SCA after successful completion of the training program and graduation from university.
Operation procedure of the program
  1. Conducting sesitization program in universities and colleges.
  2. Selection of students based on special criteria.
  3. Meeting with students selected for the program.
  4. Follow-up of performance reports
  5. Final evaluation of trainees performance.
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