The Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) seeks to develop capital markets in the UAE, which is a key element contributing to the development of the national economy. This is done through the development of the necessary legislation and the strengthening of the regulatory system in order to protect the rights of investors and establish sound business fundamentals. We look forward to looking for the best national talent with high performance that can help us achieve our vision and objectives and our participation in adopting the innovation standards to meet the needs of the securities sector at present and in the future. .

Reference number SCA015
Job Title Programmer
Job Tasks

• Developing software programs and systems that meet employee needs.

• Monitoring and analyzing systems and application logs and feedback to provide the best user experience.

• Engaging in the development and implementation of smart government applications and programs and complying with federal requirements.

Education Qualification Bachelor of Information Technology - Computer Engineering / Programming
Working Location Abu Dhabi