Since the emergence of the e-government era, there has been an increasing need for e-participation, a form of participation that is available round-the-clock at the touch of a computer button or the button of any other Internet-connected device, and for the provision of detailed information about government services to meet the public’s needs. This requires users to be actively engaged in developing and improving government services.

E-participation is about having regular citizens engaged in decision making, a process that gets easier and more efficient when the government reaches out to the public and encourages them to present their views, provide their feedback, and bring their complaints, using modern information and communications technologies.

Therefore, SCA is keen to keep open the following communication channels with its customers:

Instant Chatting
SCA offers users an opportunity to chat with the Customer Happiness Center to learn about the important services offered and to have their frequently asked questions answered. This service is available during working hours.

Measurement of Customer Satisfaction
SCA regularly posts questionnaires on its website to accurately measure customer satisfaction.

Opinion Polls
SCA conducts opinion polls on a number of significant issues related to its areas of interest to keep decision makers informed about public trends.

Feedback Forms
SCA offers users the opportunity to provide their feedback about the website’s content—whether in terms of the services offered or the information provided there. 

Social Media Sites
SCA offers a number of social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. This aims at keeping the public informed about the latest legislation, investor awareness programs, and news releases. Followers can use any of these channels for communication purposes outside working hours.

Communicating with the CEO
SCA offers its website users the opportunity to direct their inquiries and share their feedback with the CEO. Inquiries are answered within five workdays. 

SCA provides users with the opportunity to subscribe to its quarterly newsletters sent to subscribers via email.

Federal Feedback Gateway
The Federal Feedback Gateway was launched by the UAE government and brought in line with the best local and international practices to provide high-quality federal government services aimed to satisfy customers and exceed their expectations, to keep open communication channels with customers and identify their needs, to simplify procedures and develop services, to act on customer suggestions, and to implement the creative ideas generated by federal government employees. The Federal Feedback Gateway serves as an effective tool to achieve the federal government’s strategic objectives by collecting and using feedback to improve the services offered.