In manifestation of the SCA's strategic role in prioritizing investment in national human resources, having taken into serious consideration the significance of human resources in the country's ongoing development drive, and in translation of that deep belief, the Board of Directors of the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) adopted the "SHARE" training and orientation program as an initiative towards achieving real Emiratisation of jobs to translate into action the SCA's targeted objectives.

The program, which is a long-term investment in UAE national human resources aimed at maximizing the benefit from UAE national graduates from local universities and institutions, serves as training program for those graduates to develop their knowledge and skills to make them ready to work in SCA.

Candidates chosen for this program are taken through a series of training and courses inside the UAE and abroad, involving reputable training institutes specialized in offering training in the work of securities authorities, regulators and legislations, in addition to internship training at SCA and some regional and international capital markets and securities authorities.

  1. Achieve government vision towards real Emiratization and meet current and future requirements.
  2. Meet the needs of a qualified leadership
  3. Make the most of the best educational outcomes of various academic institutions in the country.
  4. Prepare graduates for working in the fields of securities, capital markets and other economics sectors.
  5. Prepare qualified UAE national in the following areas:
    • Financial analysis
    • Control and inspection
    • Legislation and law enforcement
    • Studies and research on capital markets

To make "SHARE" an Emiratisation training program, to become a model initiative with strategic dimension in achieving human resources development for the UAE's financial and economic sectors.


Developing competent national human resources in the area of capital market and building their capacity and developing their leadership and administrative skills, contributing effectively in the implementation of the Emiratisation policy and providing an ideal experience that could be used as a model in the UAE's economic and financial sectors

The program gives an opportunity for the participants to take their training and qualification in specialized institutes inside and outside the country and in regional and global markets. Trainees attend several workshops and sessions on topics related to financial markets in 3 phases:

Phase 1:

Attend workshops and training programs delivered by a group of experts on the following topics:

  1. Introduction to capital markets
  2. The legal regulation of the securities market
  3. Disclosure and corporate governance
  4. Investment funds
  5. Illegal practices in the financial markets
  6. IOSCO principles and indicators for prices
  7. Basics of Accounting
  8. Companies Evaluation
  9. Basics of financial analysis and financial reports
  10. Islamic finance
  11. Internal institutional risks
  12. Basics of technical analysis of financial markets
Phase 2:

Practical training in the capital markets in the country and brokerage firms.

Phase 3:

Practical training in some regional and international capital markets for the best international practices in the field of capital markets sector.

  • The program is available only for United Arab Emirates nationals
  • Candidate must have proficiency level in using computer.
  • Candidate must pass the interview successfully
  • Candidate age range between the (21) to (26) years.
  • Candidate must have a higher diploma or bachelor degree from one of the universities or colleges recognized by Ministry Of Higher Education & Scientific Research in UAE
  • The candidate must have at least (GPA 3) in one of the following majors:
    1. Accounting
    2. Law
    3. Finance
    4. Information Technology
    5. Economy
    6. Statistics
    7. HR
  • Candidate must have the interest in training and the developing personal skills.
  • Attend all the theoretical courses and practical training.
  • Obey the rules and instruction.
  • Commitment to work with the SCA for a period of not less than (3) years at a minimum, and bears all program fees in case of not wanting to work with the SCA.
  • Student job title through the program is (trainee)
  • Trainee gets a monthly salary of (15,000) dirhams during of the program.
  • If vacancies are opened in SCA, and trainee passed all stages successfully, trainee will be nominated for one of these jobs:
    • Assistant /Financial Analyst (Accounting / Finance specializations)
    • Financial /Inspector (finance / accounting/ Financial Services specializations)
    • Assistant/ legal specialist (law and Sharia specializations)
    • Assistant / Researcher (Economics / Statistics / Finance specializations)
    • Administrative (HR specializations)
    • Assistant / Network Engineer and Information Security (IT specializations)
  • SCA is not committed to employ any trainees in the following cases:
    • Not completing the full stages of the training program successfully
    • Not attending the theoretical and practical training successfully
    • Low scores required in the program
    • Non-compliance with the code of conduct or violation of any or all of program conditions and rules
  • Trainee gets certificates of attending the training workshops and field visits at the end of the program and might be appointed to the Securities and Commodities Authority depending on the availability of vacancy. This training program counted as an experience and the trainee may be granted an incentive bonus.

Is there any reward for distinguished trainees?

Yes, a trainee who scored 90% and above shall receive a reward.

Is accommodation provided for a candidate and will SCA bear the expenses of person accompanying a candidate abroad?

Yes, for the trainee only.

When is the time for lectures, morning or afternoon?

Some lectures have been scheduled for morning, while others have been scheduled for afternoon throughout the period of the program. Details will be announced later by the coordinator, in collaboration with participants in the program.

Will there be any lectures of the program inside the country but outside Abu Dhabi?

Most lectures of the program scheduled for the UAE are being held in Abu Dhabi and 3 weeks in Dubai.

What is the graduation certificate?

After each stage of the program, a certificate of attendance and merit will be given to all those who successfully completed any stage of the program, while a graduation certificate will be awarded after successful graduation from the stage 3 of the program.

If a candidate wants to withdraw from the program during one of the stages, what shall he/she do?

The issue will be presented to the SHARE Committee, which shall decide on the matter. Candidate will have to repay all the training expenses.

Will the SCA provide transport for candidates living outside Abu Dhabi?

The SCA is responsible for candidate's accommodation, but candidate will be responsible for his/her transportation.

Is the SHARE program bearing only the education expenses?

No, it bears the education expenses, in addition to accommodation, tuition and other expenses of the program for the candidate only.

Can one re-apply the next year?

Yes, one can re-apply only after the SHARE Committee has accepted the application due to acceptable reasons

Does the SHARE program provide jobs for its graduates?


If my GPA is below 3.0, can I gain admission to the program?

Such a case will be looked into by the "SHARE" Committee.


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