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Providing legal advise

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For inquiries call us at 800 SCAUAE (722823)
Service Code 370.08.015.000
Classification G2B & G2C
Sub Service Type Variation Service
Service Type Transactional
Priority Service No
Working Hours
7:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Sunday - Thursday

Service Description

Providing all legal consultations related to capital markets, licensed companies and their employees, and interpreting the legal texts which mentioned in SCA's Law and related regulations.
  • Sector General Managment
  • Department/ Section Legal Affairs
  • Service Duration

    8 working days

Service Fees

    • 1000الرسوم

Service steps & procedures

Apply to SCA for legal consultation  or interpretation of a legal text through the system and through the following steps:


3 steps:

Step1:Fill the data

Step2: Payment of fees

Step 3: Send request

Requirements & Documents

Applying to SCA legal consultation  request or interpretation of a certain aspects of SCA's Law or its related regulations or circulars by submitting the following:

1-Applicant’s name and designation

2-Applicant’s company (If he he/she is representing an institution.

3-telephone number or email address.

  • Submitting all documents related to the subject of interpretation request.

e-Service Steps

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