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Investment Awareness and Financial Inclusion

Promoting financial inclusion by ensuring that all community members have access to financial services and are familiar with how to use them

Providing legal advise

Providing all legal consultations related to capital markets, licensed companies and their employees, and interpreting the provisions of SCA’s law and the regulations issued thereunder.

Settlement of Complaints related to Capital Markets

Complaints section receives and adjudicates reports relating to the financial markets.

Reporting Actions

Submitting report on Stock Market Activities or Financial Services Subject To the Supervision Of Securities and Commodities Authority

Working Hours
7:30AM – 2:30 PM

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SCA in Numbers

The numbers shows you the recent SCA transactions made and the number of services rendered per category in the recent year covering 2017 to 2018.

  • 0 Brokerage in commodities

  • 0 Brokerage in commodities

  • 0 Brokerage in securities

  • 0 General Clearing

  • 0 Central Clearing Services

  • 0 Central Depository Services

  • 0 Securities and Commodities market

  • 0 Custodian of securities

  • 0 Financial Consultation and Financial Analysis

  • 0 Financial Advisor: Issuance Manager

  • 0 Listing Advisor

  • 0 Promotion of Securities and financial products

  • 0 Introducing

  • 0 Registrar

  • 0 Investment Management

  • 0 establishing and managing Mutual Funds

  • 0 Administrative Services for Investment Funds