Qualifications-led Licensing Regime

Qualifications-led Licensing Regime

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Exams for the UAE nationals Working in BrokerageCompanies

The SCA provides a free of charge exam for the first timeof each test for all UAE Nationals working the Brokerage Companies.

Exams for the UAE nationals who are not Working inBrokerage Companies

The SCA provides a free of charge for the UAE Nationalsnon-working with the Brokerage Companies for the first time of each test. TheSCA bears 50% of the exam fees for re-sitting for the exam for the first time.

Exam for Brokerage Companies Employees working inProfessions not Compatible with Exams System

The SCA Training Centre admits applications submitted bythe Brokerage Companies Employees who are in professions not compatible with theexam system and not accredited by the SCA.

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