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Brokerage License Renewal

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The activity of financial brokerage is one of the activities that require obtaining a license from the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) pursuant to the Federal Law No (4) for 2000 regarding SCA. A person may not practice the brokerage business without obtaining the license required for this purpose.
  • Department License Department
  • Service Audience Brokerage Companies
  • Service Fees An annual due of AED2,500 shall be paid to the SCA as service fee
  • Service Duration The license renewal certificate will be issued at the beginning of new year, if the application met all requirements.

Service steps & procedures

  • SCA shall ensure that all items stipulated in clause (a) are fully met before issuing a license renewal certificate.

Requirements & Documents

  • To address a letter to SCA stating the company's desire to renew the license, during the last month of each year.
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