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SCA & CISI Qualifications Licensing Booking

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Service Description

The E-Service allows the user to book for the exams and attach the deposit slip of the exam fees. It also allows the user to know all the details of examination bookings including the examination results, exams dates and etc. for all company employees. The company can also identify the percentage of those who passed the examination / compliance ratio (ratio of the number of staff licensed by SCA to the number of qualified staff).
  • Department Dubai Branch
  • Service Audience Brokerage Companies
  • Service Fees contact SCA Training Centre
  • Service Duration 3 to 5 business days from the date of collecting the examination fee.

Service steps & procedures

  • The brokerage companies shall enter the E-Service and register for a new user in the absence of the company username.
  • The brokerage companies shall make the bookings for examination (for First Sitting Entry Exam, as well as Resit Entry Sitting exam).
  •  The brokerage companies shall pay online or attach the deposit slip in the E-Service.
  •  SCA shall ensure the collection of the examination fees and shall inform the company in case of confirmation or rejection of the deposited amount.
  • The e-service confirms the date of examination booking and shall inform the company accordingly by e-mail after the end of the request.

Requirements & Documents

Bookings for examination are made after providing the following documents:
  •  Incase the company has a user account registered with SCA previously, the same user can be used to for this service.
  • A copy of the valid passport or UAE ID card of candidates for the examination must be attached.
Payments are only accepted through the online eService facility. Payment slips done through other means are not accepted.
Yet for an exam transfer fees using the below applicable payment methods must be attached:
•  Cash:  Deposit the amount in cash in the SCA Account at ADIB.
•  Bank to Bank Transfers: Transfer the fees amount from the brokerage firm bank account directly to SCA Account Number at ADIB.
Please remit to:
A/C NO. 1-306566-3 

IBAN: AE710500000000013065663

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