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Arbitration Dispute - Arbitration of securities related disputes

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Priority Service No
Working Hours 7:30 - 14:30

Service Description

Arbitration of securities related disputes in accordance with SCA Board Decree No. (1) of 2001 concerning Regulation for Arbitration in disputes arising from securities trading.
  • Department Legal Affairs Department
  • Service Audience - Securities companies - Investors
  • Service Fees Non-refundable fee of AED1,000 payable to the SCA
  • Service Duration 10 working days

Service steps & procedures

  • Filling the application form with all required information (manual or online) or presenting an application bearing all information as outlined in the application form and attached with all the required documents. 
  • Payment of all dues and costs outlined by the Regulation for Arbitration.

Requirements & Documents

  • Proof certifying there is arbitration agreement between the two parties.
  • Statement showing details of events, explaining clearly the dispute in details and the type of the share in dispute, the quantity, date of purchase and date of sale, value of purchase and value of sale, categorizing of shares in dispute according to the market they are listed on. This must be done in details for each of the two markets.
  • Outlining claims clearly, including the cost, the value of compensation and legal interest (if any). The amount in dispute shall be estimated if the claim is for the shares is in kind. This will be done by calculating the closing price of the shares in dispute for the previous day preceding the date of filing for arbitration.
  • Attested power of attorney if the arbitration application is being presented by someone else other than the plaintiff himself/herself.
  • Any other documents supporting the claim.
  • Copies of the arbitration application for the defendant(s), panel chairman and members.
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