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Working Hours 7:30 AM – 2:30 PM

Service Description

​The Securities and Commodity Authority is the body responsible in the UAE for licensing public shareholding companies after meeting the requirements of UAE Trading Companies Law and SCA requirements and that is according to Pursuant to the resolution of the Ministerial Council for Services no. (3/3) of the year of 2007, session no. (1) Concerning authorization of the Securities & Commodities Authority to handle all the founding applications of the public joint-stock companies. Accordingly, the SCA is authorized to verify that all respective requirements have been implemented, subsequently approving and supervising them.
  • Department Issuance and Disclosure Department
  • Service Audience Public Joint Stock Companies
  • Service Fees ​2,000 Dirhams by e-Dirham card
  • Service Duration ​5 Working Days

Service steps & procedures


​ A ministerial decision shall be issued to amend the AOA of the company and the company shall be notified thereof in order to publish the same in the Official Gazette.
(Time for the procedure at SCA is 5 working days)

Requirements & Documents

  1. Minutes of the General Assembly meeting that have approved the amendment.
  2. Drafts of the items of the AOA to be amended (the wording before and after amendment).
  3. Approval of the activity licensing authority of the amendment such as the Central Bank for banks and the Insurance Authority for insurance companies, etc.)
  4. Payment of the amendment fee of (2,000) Two Thousand Dirhams by e-Dirham card.​




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