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Issuing to Whom May Concern Letter

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For inquiries call us at 800 SCAUAE (722823)
Priority Service No
Working Hours 7:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Service Description

Issuing a To Whom It May Concern certificate upon a request from local public joint stock companies or other companies licensed by the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA), containing information and details maintained by SCA, under Ministerial Council for Services Resolution No. (3/3) of 2007 on authorizing SCA to receive applications for incorporating public joint-stock companies and to complete and oversee all of the relevant procedures.
  • Department Issuance and Disclosure Department
  • Service Audience Local Public Joint Stock Companies ​
  • Service Fees ​500 Dirhams
  • Service Duration ​1 hour​​​

Service steps & procedures

  1. ​​Submit application including all required data reflected at the Whom May Concern Letter.
  2. Paying the fees of AED 500 by e-Dirham.​
  3. An application submitted to SCA electronically, requesting a To Whom It May Concern certificate and indicating all of the information and details that the certificate must contain.

Requirements & Documents

  1. ​Submitting an application of To Whom It May Concern certificate through the electronic service (Go to Services. Choose the service, then click Apply Online).
  2. Verifying the information and details required and ensuring that the fees due are paid.
  3. Issuing a To Whom It May Concern certificate and communicating with the requesting company to determine the delivery method.
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