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Amendment of a local investment fund's offering document

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Service Description

This service is about issuing approval to the introduction of amendments to the information or statements contained in the prospectus/private placement memorandum of a local mutual fund
  • Department Issuance and Disclosure
  • Service Audience Entities who have SCA’s approval to establish or register local mutual funds
  • Service Fees 3000 AED
  • Service Duration 30 working days

Service steps & procedures

  • The application must be completed, as per Form 1, and submitted to SCA by the legal representative of the fund. Soft and hard copies of the documents outlined in the application form must be attached with the application.
  • SCA shall consider the application and the documents attached and shall notify applicants of any missing information or documents.
  • SCA shall either approve the prospectus/private placement memorandum amendment application or turn it down. SCA has the right to put approval limits and terms according to the nature of the fund and the nature of offering in the country.
  •  Applicants must complete the procedures within the approval limits and then supply SCA with the following: • Two hard copies of the prospectus/private placement memorandum (post amendment) as per the approval issued.
  • Any other documents SCA requires in accordance with the limits or terms of approval issued.
  •  SCA shall certify the two copies of the prospectus/private placement memorandum and shall furnish one copy to the applicant.

Requirements & Documents

Form 1: Application to Amend Prospectus/Private Placement Memorandum of A Local Mutual Fund.

applications should be sent to the attention of:

HE Dr. Obeid Saif Al Zaabi
Acting Chief Executive Officer
Securities and Commodities Authority
Date:     /   
To the following Address :
Head Office - Abu Dhabi
Address: Hamdan Street - AL Gaith Tower -13th Floor
Telephone: (+971 2) 6277888
Fax: (+971 2) 6274600
P.O.Box: 33733 - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
Dubai Branch
Address: Al Garhoud Area - SCA Building
Telephone: (+971 4) 2900000
Fax : (+971 4) 2900800
P.O.Box: 117666 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Important Notice:

• The applicant must make sure that all the application's data and attachments are true and accurate.

• The applicant must complete all the requirements contained in this service, which are necessary to obtain the approval during a period of (3) months from the date of submission of the application. SCA will automatically cancel the application if the applicant fails to complete it during this period, as well as informing the related parties about the cancelation. A new application must be submitted.

Securities and Commodities Authority is not considered responsible for any obligations or rights or any other implication whatsoever that may arise as a result of canceling the application.

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