​- Filling the application form with all required information (manual or online) or presenting an application bearing all information as outlined in the application form and attached with all the required documents. - Payment of all dues and costs outlined by the Regulation for Arbitration.

​1. The complainant should be contacted within five working days of receiving the complaint, and should be provided with the name and telephone number of the legal specialist who is in charge of the file.
2. Related documents should be requested from the brokerage firm or the market or any other entity as needed.
3. Related parties should be notified to be present for official interviews.
4. Interviews should be documented & signed by all parties.
5. After completing all administrative procedures, the SCA shall notify all parties with the decision that was taken regarding the complaint.

Notice: Phase changing of the complaint should be documented in the electronic system and could be viewed by the complainant.
The same procedures mentioned above should be applied for appeals

Seeking from the SCA legal counsel or interpretation of a legal text through the following:

· Personal submission of application

· Email

· Fax