Year of Giving

SCA has been organizing several activities and events and launching multiple initiatives over the course of this year as part of the Year of Giving initiative. Some of the activities organized and the initiatives launched were specifically tailored for SCA employees and some other initiatives were jointly organized with federal government bodies and UAE-based charitable institutions. The Lady Work Group has been playing a significant role in organizing these events, which have made a great impact and have been a huge success.

Year of Giving Initiatives.png Number of Initiatives 11 Initiatives
  •  Organizing an official visit to Wahat Al Karama.

  •  Holding a workshop on community readiness.

  •  Organizing a blood donation campaign. 

  •  Distributing purchase vouchers to the Sharjah Cooperative Society. These were then granted to Al Qasimi Hospital’s kidney patients.

  •  Giving Mir Al Khair to SCA’s support workers.

  •  Organizing SCA’s Charity Dish.

  •  Organizing a Charity Dish in cooperation with other government entities.

  •  Organizing an iftar buffet for fasting people. 

  •  Suhur Celebration

  •  Introducing the most famous Emirati personalities.