On the basis of the regulatory role of the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) to ensure sound transactions and protect investors in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law No. (4) Of 2000 concerning the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority and Market and the regulations issued thereunder, and pursuant to the Chairman of the SCA Board of Directors' Decision No. (9/R.M) of 2017 concerning the Controls for Publishing Warnings;

And as it was observed that some entities publish ads and announcement that they are engaged in activities or they provide services regulated by the SCA without obtaining the relevant license, authorization or approval from the SCA;


Therefore, the SCA would warns:

Investors from dealing with the entities whose details are stated below:



Name of Person


Practice not licensed by the SCA


Greenstone Equity Partners

Boulevard Plaza Tower II, 27th Floor Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard Downtown Dubai P.O. Box 73994 Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The company published on its website information related to the provision of some services associated with the financial activities which are regulated by the SCA, such as promotion and introduction for financial products. The company has submitted an application to the SCA for license to practice promotion and introduction of financial products; however, the company has not received the license to date. Kindly note that you can only deal with the company after it has obtained the required relevant license.




Promotion of or dealing in financial products associated with digital tokens.




Provision of financial analysis services for a public joint stock company during subscription period in its shares without a relevant license, authorization or approval from the SCA.




Warning from the SCA against initial coin offerings (ICO).


Al-Najm Al Wathek- Twitter Account (@Safwat87696019)


The owner of the Twitter account provided certain services associated with the financial activities regulated by the SCA; namely financial consultations and financial analysis, without obtaining a license from the SCA.


​Asian Gold&Commodities Exchange (www.agcx.com)

The website contains a reference to an address for an office providing services relevant to the activity of the website domiciled in the Emirate of Ajman, UAE.

Creating an electronic forum (market) through the website www.agcx.com to trade in gold and commodities without a license from the SCA.


Emirates Wealth Securities Promotion L.L.C

Office 1407, Opal Tower Burj Khalifa Blvd, Business Bay P.O Box 454925 Dubai, UAE

​Please note that Emirates Wealth Securities Promotion has not obtained any license from the SCA to conduct any of the activities subject to its control up to date. Accordingly, the public is requested not to deal with the Company in activities subject to the Authority's supervision, unless the Company obtains the necessary license to carry out the activity.