Pioneer islamic capital market

Pioneer islamic capital marketBack

Strategic Objective: To strengthen the legislative framework necessary for the development of capital markets in the UAE ​​

Initiatives ​​Strategic Partners​ Completion date​

​​ Additional Disclosure provisions for Islamic Products

Public companies- Securities markets 2017

Shari compliant Investment funds regulation

Securities merkets/ investment funds 2018

revised Sukuk regulation

Public companies/ Securities markets 2018

Shariah compliant hedging contracts, regulation

Derivatives Exchange members/ Securities members 2019

Fit & proper provisions

licensed companies 2019

Sandbox regulations

Companies and entrepreneurs in the field of modern financial technology, financial institutions, ,regulators of financial free zones 2019

Capital adequacy regulation

- 2021

Implementing an integrated awareness program on the Islamic capital market

Licensed companies/Investors/ Issuing companies/ Securities markets 2018

Sign MoUs with the Ministry of Higher Education and Universities to launch specialized Islamic finance programs

Ministry of higher education / universities 2019

Training SCA employees on Shariah standards in the supervision, licensing and registration of Islamic products and funds

Specialized training centre 2019

Recognition by IOSCO of Islamic securities

IOSCO 2020

Coordination with AAOIFI to provide training on its accounting principles


Addressing FASB and IAS: to adopt Islamic Accounting Standards

FASB , IAS 2020

Discuss the possibility of Passporting Islamic products and services with counterparties

Similar Authorities 2021
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