Since its inception, the Securities and Commodities Authority has been keen on putting the objectives stated in the Federal Law No. (4) of 2000 into effect by sparing no effort to strengthen the legislative structure through issuing such regulations and instructions that ensure the development of the organizational and supervisory framework of the list joint-stock companies and other companies operating in the securities field. Besides, the Authority has introduced some controls and criteria that would contribute positively to enhancing the investors' trust in the Authority.

As part of the Authority's continuous effort to streamline its control and supervisory role and improve the organizational aspects of the companies subject to control, the Authority has deemed it suitable to alert these companies to the basic requirements stipulated by the Trading Companies Law No. 8/1984 and the amendments thereof and the Federal Law No. 4/2000 and the regulations, decisions and circulars issued in implementation thereof.

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Based on the above, markets for trading in securities and commodities have been set up in the UAE where each market shall take the shape of a local public establishment licensed by the Securities and Commodities Authority, provided that the markets across the UAE are electronically connected on a reciprocal basis.

The market is managed by a board, which is formed by a decision by the competent local authority, provided that none of the board members shall be a board member of a listed public joint-stock company or a financial broker.

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