The SCA Youth Council

The SCA Youth Council

The SCA Youth Council was established in 2021 to support the Securities and Authority's role as a leading entity in the economic sector and to enable and empower youth, and to utilize innovation as a groundwork for developing work and facing future challenges.

Youth Councils in the UAE were formed under the direction of leadership who believe that Youth are the key to UAE’s future success.

The council consists of a 12 members from SCAs employees, most of whom hold professional degrees and postgraduate degrees such as Masters in Business Administration and Masters in Law.

About SCA



To empower UAE’s youth, and harness their ideas into building a sustainable and advanced capital market.



Providing UAE’s youth with the key tools and knowledge, involving them in decision making, and supporting their innovative ideas.


  1. Excellence

  2. Leadership

  3. Cooperation

  4. Transparency

  5. Innovation


  1. 1st Strategic Goal

    Supporting UAE’s youth with education and skills, and encouraging them to actively participate in capital markets.

  2. 2rd Strategic Goal

    Creating an innovative capital market based economy, by encouraging innovative ideas and initiatives.

  3. 3rd Strategic Goal

    Developing the professional skills of UAE’s youth in the fields of capital markets by the hands of experts and leaders in the field.

  4. 4rd Strategic Goal

    Supporting and encouraging UAE’s youth to invest and save money and utilize different capital market tools.

 مجالس الششباب

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