Q: Can the scientific test materials be received before booking tests?

A: After booking the test date, the candidate shall, within 48 hours, receive the scientific material in pdf format through an e-mail sent by CISI.

Q: Is there any charge for retesting?
A: SCATC may facilitate a “free reset exam” for candidates only in the following cases:

  1. Technical failure at SCA assessment center that hinders the launch, delivery or submission of exams
  2. Candidates reporting sick on the date of the exam*
  3. Death incident to a family member of first category*
  4. SCATC decision to reschedule the exam

*For cases 2 and 4, official documents such as medical report or death certificate must be provided.

Q: Are the test dates available all year?
A:SCATC facilitates examination services all year, except during public holidays and in the last two weeks of December.

Q: Is holding tests of professional licensing outside SCA Training Centre approved?
A:According to the SCA licensing department official announcement on (18/11/2012),SCATC assessment center is the sole official exam provider for SCA licensing led regime.Exams taken outside SCATC, may be subject to equivalency application and charges before they reviewed for a decision.

Q: How can we know the test results?
A:Exam results of pass or fail to appear immediately on the PC screen when the candidate submits his answers electronically.However, the exact exam grade may be viewed at CISI official website using the candidate number and exam details.

Q: What things must be brought on the test day?
A: Please bring a valid photo identification card (passport, identity card, or business card). Personal belongings should be left in the designated place before entering the test hall. The Center shall provide such necessities as calculators, pens, and answer sheets.

Q: Will the candidate pass the programme of professional licensing tests after passing the specified tests?
A: Yes. The Training Centre shall send “passing the programme of professional licensing tests” messages to the candidates passing the tests and their company after they pass all the specified tests. The Training Centre shall also inform the candidates passing the tests when they can receive the CISI certificates when they are received from CISI.

Q:Could my past relevant CISI or CFA certification be equivalented?
A: Yes. Relevant past certifications could beequivalenced by sending an official letter to the licensing dept.Licensing@sca.aewith a copy of certificate attached.

Q: Is there are a difference between exam “exemptions” and “equivalency?
A: SCA does not permit exam exemptions which are based on academic qualifications or work experience. The “Professional Certificates and Exams Equivalency Program”, however, accommodates to consider professional specialized qualifications as an alternative to one or more of SCA Qualification -Led licensing Exams.

Q: Who can benefit from the “Professional Certificates and Exams Equivalency Program”?
A: All individuals seeking equivalency of professional certificates and exams to facilitate the licensing requirements of capital market jobs in the UAE.

Q: What are the professional qualifications/exams that are approved by SCA for equivalency purposes?
A: There are hundreds of international professional qualifications and exams related to the fields of finance, investment, and capital market. Accordingly, there is no official restriction to which of these qualifications may be considered equivalent to one or more of SCA licensing exams. On the other hand, SCA will publish a list of professional qualifications which were approved via the official website of SCA Training Centre. This list may be used for guidance purposes and is not meant to indicate exclusivity nor it may be an obligation for SCA to affect new equivalency applications.

Q: Which of SCA Qualification -Led licensingExams may be subject to equivalence?
A:All of SCA Qualification -Led licensing Exams can be subject to equivalency, EXCEPT “ The UAE financial Rules and regulations” exam

Q: Is there a ceiling to the number of SCA exams which may be granted based on the equivalency application?
A: Only one SCA licensing exam may be considered for each successful application. However, if more than one SCA licensing exam is granted approval for equivalency, applicants will be advised of their right to submit an additional/separate application.

Q: If the equivalency application is rejected, is it possible to request a review of the decision?
A:Yes. The applicant may require a review of the decision, within 10 working days after the decision date. The “Request for review” form must be used for this purpose.

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