PTEC’s Board of Trustees Approves the Addition and Update of Approved Professional Courses of the Qualifications-Led Licensing Regime

The Board of Trustees of the Professional Training and Examinations Centre (PTEC) of the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) held its first meeting of the fifth session under the chairmanship of Dr. Obaid Al Zaabi, CEO of SCA and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, where a number of issues related to improving PTEC's performance and its future plans have been discussed. A number of decisions have been made regarding PTEC’s future developments and tasks.

During the meeting, the board adopted the addition and update of the approved professional courses for the Qualifications-Led Licensing Regime. The draft of issuing the professional certificate in “the Arbitration of Securities Disputes in the United Arab Emirates” was also discussed where PTEC coordinates with the Sharjah Arbitration Center to take the required arrangements to launch the pilot project in October 2019. It will be expanded later to include the other arbitration centers in the country. Accordingly, SCA’s Decision No. (7) of 2000 Concerning the Regulations as to the Arbitration of Disputes Arising From the Trading of Securities and Commodities will be amended. In this context, the proposal to develop a certificate of "financial expert" was presented to coordinate with the state courts.

As for the support of individuals to pass the professional tests, the meeting reviewed PTEC’s efforts in this field and reviewed the brief study on the members of the board of trustees in the two markets, and a number of proposals were adopted in this regard.​

In addition, the board reviewed the training workshop plan for the year 2019, which is organized by the PTEC for training workers for professional tests. The board also recommended the implementation of 10 programs and workshops to support workers in the sector through the continuing professional education program during the year. A number of reports related to the work of the PTEC and its 2019 operational plan were also reviewed. The board also adopted updating the conditions and controls of the program for training citizens.
The meeting was attended by H.E. Mohammed Khalifa Al Hadari, Deputy CEO for Supporting Services and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees; Professor Dr. Abdullah Mohammed Al-Shamsi, Member and Academic Counselor; Abdullah Salem Al Nuaimi representing the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange; Hassan Al Serkal representing the Dubai Financial Market; Mohammed Ali Yasin, Member; and Yousef Mohammed Al Wahabi Al-Nuaimi, Head of the PTEC, Rapporteur, and Secretary.

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