Mansour bin Zayed: The UAE is a land of opportunity and success for all

His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, affirmed that the UAE continues to provide various means of support to the business sector by providing flexible economic legislation to help the sector respond to the current challenges and overcome this exceptional period.

His Highness said that the UAE government has demonstrated with the return of business and economic activities in various sectors that it is able, with its regulations, legislation and proactive actions, to adapt to various challenges, and to provide an economic environment that guarantees new and continuous opportunities in various sectors, so that the UAE remains - as it always has been - the land of opportunity and success. For everyone. This came during His Highness presiding over the meeting of the Ministerial Council for Development yesterday at the Qasr Al Watan complex in Abu Dhabi, where His Highness stressed the importance of developing policies and work plans that are in line with the changes witnessed in the past period, and at the same time contribute to achieving priorities and future directions, reflecting the lessons learned from this period.

During its session, the Council discussed the national policy for people with autism in the country and emphasized the importance of this policy, and the existence of unified standards for diagnosing these cases, qualifying and raising the competence of the competent staff on how to deal with them, and unifying governance and licensing frameworks for centers that provide services to them and their families while enhancing community awareness of autism spectrum disorder. And facilitate their integration into society, public and private education, and raise the quality of healthy life for them.

The Council reviewed a number of various initiatives launched by the Ministry of Community Development to support this group, such as launching an electronic platform for awareness of autism disorder, publishing educational magazines for children about autism and how to deal with it, and applying distance learning to all owners of centers that deal with autism.

The Council also reviewed a number of issues related to economic affairs, including the proposed amendments to the Commercial Transactions Law, developments in the Consumer Protection Law and the proposed roles of the Consumer Protection Committee to enhance its contribution to the implementation of policies and initiatives capable of protecting the consumer.

The council discussed the technical requirements for the buildings of the Holy Qur’an memorization centers, building permits and their sanitary requirements, in addition to the equipment required to carry out their activities.


The Council also discussed the health care services provided in the health facilities of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, and the extent of their compatibility with the state’s directions and development strategies, the provision of health care services with high quality and appropriate cost, in addition to the renaming and coding of health care services in line with the international coding system for ease of dealing with The insurance system, in addition to a proposal to reduce fees for a number of these services.

The council discussed the school calendar for public and private schools for the next three years 2020-2022, which includes the approved minimum days for schooling and approved vacation days, in a way that enhances the efforts of the Ministry of Education and private educational institutions in managing education processes in light of the current circumstances and their endeavor to make them successful.

 Islamic finance

During the session, the Council also reviewed a number of reports, including a report on developments in the preparation of a global framework for Islamic finance, which is carried out in partnership with global and local leaders in the field of Islamic banking and Islamic economy, in a way that contributes to strengthening the image of the UAE and its leadership position in the global Islamic finance industry, as well as On consolidating its position as a global reference for Islamic economics .. and a report on the rate of completion of the state’s courts of cases, analytical data and recommendations during the month of July, in order to identify the progress of cases in the country's various courts and their completion rates, which witnessed an increase in the rate of adjudication of cases in federal and local courts, as well as not being affected The progress of work in federal and local courts in the Corona pandemic.

The Council also reviewed several reports submitted by the Audit Bureau on the final accounts of the Emirates Development Bank, the Emirates General Petroleum Corporation, the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation and the Emirates Telecommunications Group Company for the fiscal year 2019.

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