Dr. Maryam Al Suwaidi praises the country's remarkable achievements at all levels

As part of the SCA’s celebration events of the 51st Union Day

Dr. Mariam Al-Suwaidi praises the country's outstanding achievements at all levels and its lead in all international forums, competitiveness reports and global indicators

The Securities and Commodities Authority organized a celebration on the occasion of the 51st Union Day, which included a number of national, cultural, heritage and entertainment events and activities, in which a number of the SCA’s guests, directors and all its employees in Abu Dhabi and Dubai participated.

At the beginning of the celebration, H.E. Dr. Maryam Butti Al Suwaidi, CEO of the SCA, delivered a speech in which she presents the highest congratulations and blessings to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, “may God protect him,” and his brother, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, “may God protect him,” and their brothers, Their Highnesses, members of the Supreme Council, Rulers of the Emirates, The Crown Princes, and all citizens and residents of this good land, on the occasion of the 51st Union Day of the UAE.

In her speech, the SCA's CEO noted the Union's achievements and gains over the past years, and praised the great role of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, and the founding fathers – may they rest in peace – who gave a rare example of the path of sincerity and dedication with their contributions and achievements in order to establish the Union and reunite the UAE in one country until it assumed a leading position at the forefront of the countries of the world. She added, "This dear homeland would not have risen but for the sacrifices and efforts of the founding fathers, who gave the utmost endeavors for the foundation of the Union and its advancement, as they sowed its seed, so a tree emerged with ripe fruits, after they watered it with efforts and hard work, and the flag was carried thereafter by distinguished leaders, who worked night and day for its advancement and prosperity; they are the best successor to the best predecessor.

Dr. Maryam Al-Suwaidi, in her speech, praised the efforts of the wise leadership of the country in human development, building his capabilities, supporting national human cadres and advancing the securities sector, which reflected positively on this sector. She called on all the employees of the Securities and Commodities Authority and those affiliated with the sector to exert more efforts and dedication, as well as “to renew the pledge to be the best soldiers for the homeland through the keenness of each of us to arm ourselves with science and knowledge, develop minds and skills to continue the SCA’s development of the country’s securities markets, improve their performance, and bring it to the ranks of global markets to serve the national economy.”

The events of the celebrations included poetry contests and cultural competitions, which were presented by the artist Abdullah Al-Jafali. The authority’s offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai were decorated with flags and banners bearing images of the slogan of the spirit of the union and the wise leadership of the country. The employees also wore scarves to celebrate the Union Day. Furthermore, Dr. Mariam Al-Suwaidi, the directors of the authority and her guests cut the cake for the celebration of the 51st Union Day. The names of the winners of the cultural heritage competitions were announced, and souvenirs and prizes were distributed to celebrate this precious occasion, then memorial shots were taken. Also, some of the participants in the celebration served traditional food that expresses the country's heritage and pride in its past and national identity.

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