SCA and Nasdaq Dubai Organize Joint Awareness-Raising Seminar, Titled Trading Derivative Contracts in Domestic Markets

The seminar took place at the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) and was presented by Ayman Al Satari, Head of Membership and Brokerage Services at Nasdaq Dubai. It dealt with a number of important topics, most notably key information about financial markets; types of tradable investment assets, such as corporate stocks, bonds, and sukuk; and types of asset derivatives, such as futures and options. It also distinguished the difference between various investment assets.
The seminar introduced participants to new financial instruments that investors can trade in world markets, including futures and options, and highlighted the key differences between these instruments in terms of prices, settlement mechanism, and the obligations of the parties to the contract.
It addressed the characteristics and risks of derivative contracts, including futures. Participants were introduced to the ways in which futures and options may be traded, whether investors have bullish or bearish expectations of the markets, while understanding price movements and how to calculate the price of the derivative and its relation to the price of its underlying asset.   
The seminar assessed derivatives trading strategies, hedging strategies, and key investment risks. At the end of the seminar, the lecturer reviewed the characteristics of Nasdaq Dubai’s single futures. 

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