Open Data

​Open data means all data and information that a browser can see, whether it is statistics related to the components of the securities sector or the various operations and tasks carried out by the Authority's departments or publications and reports such as the annual report of the Authority or the materials and publications that have been published.

The open data also includes the archive of the Center for Digital Media, which includes news published by the Authority in the daily newspapers and photographs of the events of the Authority as well as video clips of various events in addition to other documents of a media nature such as advertising. The open data also includes various questionnaires and surveys conducted by the Authority to identify the observations and opinions of industry partners regarding market


If you are a student who is conducting scientific research, looking for data that will help you to complete your research paper and did not find the data on SCA’s website, you are welcome to send an email in this regard to and attach the following:

1. A letter from your university/college, containing your details as a researcher and an overview of the research area. The letter may include a request from the faculty to cooperate with the researcher in carrying out the research (optional).   
2. Evidence of your university/college ID (mandatory).
3. Clarification of the details of the information and references that you need to complete your research paper (mandatory).