Inquiry service about the names of shareholders entitled to dividends dating back before 2015

The SCA appointed First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) to handle the process. FAB will receive payment requests via these channels:

Applicants must provide the following documents:

  • Copy of the Emirates ID card (for UAE nationals/residents).
  • Copy of the passport (for non-UAE nationals).
  • Copy of the family book (for UAE nationals).
  • Certificate from the bank specifying the account number and IBAN.
  • Share certificates, general assembly invitations, or any other documents evidencing ownership of shares and entitlement to dividends, if any.
  • The investor number, if applicable.
  • Filling out First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) (click here)
  • Senior citizens may appoint others to act on their behalf in submitting payment requests to First Abu Dhabi Bank to get their unclaimed dividends. In this case, all the required documents, including the bank account certificate, must be provided.
  • If the shareholder is a legal entity, a copy of the following should be provided:
    1. commercial license;
    2. authorized signature letter;
    3. and the passport and ID card of the authorized signatory.
  • If the applicant is acting as an agent for the shareholder or his/her heirs, a power of attorney/succession certificate issued and approved by the relevant UAE authorities must be provided. If the power of attorney is issued abroad, it must be notarized by the UAE Embassy and the ministry of foreign affairs in the issuing country as well as the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Contact details.

The paying agent will transfer the dividends to the account holder within 10 business days after completing all the required documents and information. An SMS to the account holder’s mobile phone will be sent to notify him/her of the transfer.

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