CEO Message

CEO Message

The Professional Training and Examinations Centre (PTEC) in the United Arab Emirates is a prestigious and specialized institution concerned with the development of professionals in the fields of capital markets and the financial services industry, in general.

Consequently, PTEC is committed to providing training programs, seminars, qualifications exams and professional certificates with the aim of promoting the performance of the capital market and financial services sectors, and meeting the challenges and requirements of the labor market. This is in addition to training of UAE national cadres and living up to the latest developments in the area of financial services, in a way that would serve the interest of investors and clients, in particular and the interest of the UAE national economy, in general.

In view of the above, the PTEC continues to exert great efforts in adopting only the best international practices to achieve the highest level of quality standards of performance and services for its clientele. This is manifested in the equipping of the center with the state-of-the-art training equipment and education resources, first class conference hall and the employment of technical and administration experts and highly experienced personnel to run the Center and provide services at the highest level of professionalism.

PTEC has also signed partnership agreements with a number of the best national, regional and international vocational and academic institutions to provide a package of training programs and examinations of high quality, excellence and innovation of international standards and specifications. In this regard, I am pleased to say that all the certificates being issued by the Center, in cooperation with its strategic partners, are internationally accredited certificates acceptable and recognized at the regional and international levels.

I therefore invite specialists and other interested persons to benefit through the PTEC website from the Centers programs and services, to apply and sit for its various exams, and to offer opinions and suggestions to further develop the Center and raise higher the level of its services to achieve the targeted objectives and the expectations of its clients in order to enhance the progress and development of the securities sector according to best international standards.

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