CPD Program

CPD Program

Overall View:

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Programis a mandate for all licensed professions registered with Securities & Commodities Authority and currently working in the capital market. The CPD legislation mandates that each licensed capital market professional complete specific professional learning hours in disciplines related to the capital market industry on an annual basis.

  1. CPD Manual 2021 version 4.3
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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I have not completed the Qualifications-led Licensing Regime; am I still required to comply with CPD program?
    All licensed professions registered with Securities & Commodities Authority and currently working in the capital market . This includes those who were exempted from the licensing exams.
  • I have completed the requirements for Qualifications-led Licensing Regime. However, I intend to take further exams to apply for another licensed position. Am I still required to comply with the CPD program?
    Yes, CPD program is a must, as long as you are performing a job which is licensed by the Securities and Commodities Authority. The Learning hours earned or completion certificates received may be regarded as CPD hours. Please refer to the CPD Manual 2017 V 2.1.
  • I hold a position licensed by SCA and related to capital markets, but no professional licensing exams have been specified for this position so far.
    SCA Continuous Professional Development program is applicable for capital market professionals with job categories that are licensed and regulated by the UAE securities & Commodities Authority.
  • In case I opt for academic qualification, should the university be recognized by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research?
    SCA stresses the importance of quality training and learning. Therefore, it recommends that the standards set by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for universities and educational institutions be taken into consideration when pursuing academic qualification. If the chosen university or institution does not follow the standards set by the ministry, SCA maintains the right to approve or turn down the training hours submitted.
  • Will the hours spent attending internal workshops organized by experts in the company I work for, or one of its branches, be regarded as CPD hours?
    Hours spent attending internal training workshops may be regarded as CPD hours, provided that the workshop topic has an obvious and direct relevance to capital markets, the financial industry, or investment. The number of hours granted per activity is estimated according to the controls outlined in the CPD Manual 2017 V 2.1.
  • Why does not SCA offer its recommendations of training centers or educational institutions for earning CPD hours?
    SCA reiterates its keenness to support and foster a culture of continuous education for all capital industry professionals. Therefore, it leaves it up to them to choose training and learning resources, as well as learning patterns in line with their goals and objectives and in accordance with controls and standards previously referred to in the CPD Manual.
  • Is “carrying forward” of hours to next year permitted? In other words, can hours be carried forward and added to next year’s required hours?
    No “carrying forward” of hours is permitted.
  • What is the best way to communicate my constructive opinions and remarks about the CPD program?
    In this regard, you can officially contact the SCA TC team onSCA_CPD@sca.aeit is responsible for the management of continuous education.
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