Professional Certificates and Exams Equivalency Program

Professional Certificates and Exams Equivalency Program

The “Professional Certificates and Exams Equivalency Program” helps individual professional to consider their professional qualifications as an equivalent to one or more of SCA Qualification –Led Licensing Exams, and as per the criteria stipulated by the Securities & Commodities Authority.

To apply for Exams Equivalency Service:

Professional Certificates and Exams Equivalency Program service card

Service requirements and conditions:

  1. This service is offered to those wishing to equalize their specialized professional certificates and exams.
  2. Only specialized professional certificates can be equalized. Academic qualifications and practical work experience cannot be equalized with the Qualifications-Led Licensing Regime exams.
  3. Exams taken remotely will not be considered for equalizing.
  4. The UAE Financial Rules and Regulations exam cannot be equalized, under any circumstances, with any professional certificate.
  5. Only one Qualifications-Led Licensing Regime exam can be equalized per application.
  6. If approval can be granted for equalizing more than one exam, the applicant will be asked to submit separate applications.
  7. The applicant must possess a valid membership of the institution awarding the professional qualification to be equalized.
  8. Payment of application fees must be made in advance before the application is reviewed. These fees are non-refundable and are not linked to the approval or denial of the application.
  9. It takes 20 (extendable) business days to examine applications for equalizing professional certificates not included in the approved certificates list.
  10. The SCA has the right to review, update, or amend its list of approved professional certificates, periodically or otherwise, as deemed appropriate.
  11. The candidate must provide information pertaining to the qualification to be equalized, which includes but is not limited to: a copy of the qualification obtained, the syllabus/study plan, the official exam result, or any other references that can be relied on for reviewing and scrutiny purposes.
  12. Throughout the process, the applicant may be asked to provide further documents or references, electronically or in hard copy, for verification purposes.
  13. The applicant may be required to sign further disclaimers or relevant documents to facilitate access to information held by the awarding institution or to prove the validity of the information provided.
  14. If the application is turned down, the applicant will be informed of the rejection and asked to submit additional documents or information, using the Request for Review Form.
  15. The decision concerning the equivalency application may be reconsidered only once, upon submission of the Request for Review Form and within ten business days. The Request for Review Form and the additional documents or information requested must be submitted for decision reconsideration.
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