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Service Description

Licensing of brokerage firms staff is a service provided to brokerage staff in order to work in a brokerage firms according to law and brokers regulations.
  • Department Licensing Department
  • Service Audience Brokerage companies
  • Service Fees No Fees
  • Service Duration The Authority shall issue approval within (5) days of submitting the application

Service steps & procedures

  • ​Company Submits the application with its attachments to SCA.
  • SCA verifies the completion of required documents and procedures.
  • SCA issues the letter for registering the brokerage company’s staff.

Requirements & Documents

  • Curriculum vitae.
  •   Valid passport and residence visa copies. 
  •   Family Book copy (for UAE nationals).
  •   ID copy.
  •   Academic degree (university degrees issued abroad should be equalized from the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research).
          (You may visit Ministry of Education's website through the following link to equalize High School Certificate issued from outside UAE, or visiting the following link to equalize holders of academic university degrees issued from outside the UAE, you could also visit the following link to follow-up with your request for certificate equivalency.)   
  • Work experience certificates (should confirm the completion of the required experience duration according to the system).
  •   A letter of good standing from the candidate's bank (Inside or outside UAE)
  •   Valid criminal record certificate.
  •   Signed declaration form.
  •   Professional certificates (if any).

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