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For inquiries call us at 800 SCAUAE (722823)
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Working Hours 7:30AM – 2:30 PM

Service Description

  • Settlement of grievances related to financial market transactions and filed with the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) involving decisions made about:
    • Complaints relating to disputes arising between investors and entities that fall under SCA’s supervision and oversight.
    • Notices of violation issued against entities falling under SCA’s supervision and oversight or their personnel, or against investors or listed companies.
    • SCA’s decisions in relation to financial services and activities that fall under its supervision.
    • Decisions made by the markets in relation to violations committed by entities falling under SCA’s supervision and oversight, or their personnel, or by investors.
  • Department Grievance Committee
  • Service Audience Participants in licensed, UAE-based securities and commodities markets
  • Service Duration 2 to 12 weeks, more or less.

Service steps & procedures

Requirements & Documents

​Grievances shall be filed using SCA’s form, along with all the required information and documents, within 30 days of the date of notifying those concerned of the decision. If the last day coincides with a holiday, then the next workday becomes the last day. Otherwise, the grievance shall be deemed null and void. The grievant should have a legitimate interest in the grievance. Grievances are denied if they were about decisions made with respect to warnings or referrals to judicial authorities.

Requierd Documents

  1. The complaint was filed against an entity not licensed by SCA. 
  2. A copy of the decision leading to grievance in the matters referred to under Service Description above. 
  3. Contact details of the parties involved in the grievance, plus grievant’s identity paper(s) and document(s).
  4. A copy of the complaint previously filed with SCA or with the relevant market (if the decision leading to grievance involves a complaint).
  5.  A copy of the power of attorney if the grievance is filed by grievant’s agent or representative. The original power of attorney should also be provided for examination. 
  6. All the documents supporting the grievance. 
  7. Any other documents required by the Grievance Committee as deemed necessary to resolve the grievance. Such documents should be submitted upon request. 
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