Form for Filing Reports on Stock Market Activities or Financial Services Subject To the Supervision Of Securities and Commodities Authority

Conditions for submitting a report

  1. The subject of the report is related to Stock markets activities or financial services subject to the supervision of the Securities and Commodities Authority.
  2. The subject of the report should not be seen before any of the instigative authorities or judicial authorities within the UAE, nor should a judicial ruling have been issued in its regard.
  3. The report is to be written in Arabic or accompanied by a translation into Arabic if it is submitted in a foreign language.
  4. Fulfill all the data shown in this form.
  5. Attach supporting documents related to the reports, if any.

Reporter's information


Reported Against Information


Submit a Report

  •  The reporting action form must be stated in a detailed and clear manner and not be brief in a way that makes it difficult for the person charged to study the communication

Documents to be submitted with the report