CEO Message

CEO Message

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Dr. Maryam Buti AL Suwaidi


Since the establishment of the United Arab Emirates, the economic sector has been given a national priority, as it is the main pillar for advancing sustainable development in order to achieve prosperity and flourishing for the homeland and society. The UAE, with the wisdom of its wise leadership and forward-looking vision, has been able to bring about significant transformations in the economic environment, business climate, trade and investment, consolidating the global economic position of the UAE, through innovative strategic development plans and integrated national work systems aimed at enhancing levels of growth in various sectors.

Based on the Securities and Commodities Authority’s belief in the pivotal role of the financial markets sector in promoting economic development in the State, the Authority continues its efforts towards contributing to shaping the future of local financial markets to be more dynamic and able to keep pace with developments in business communities and their requirements for innovative financial solutions, with the aim of contributing to enhancing the competitiveness of the national economy and its attractiveness to foreign investments in a way that responds to development plans with the highest levels of efficiency and flexibility, so that it, with its services, covers small and medium enterprises, making it the main catalyst for production and operation to improve financial inclusion rates and contribute to achieving sustainable development.

The directives of the wise leadership, its insightful vision and its confidence in the capabilities of the nation's citizens constituted an incentive and a guide for us to exert maximum efforts in all areas of national action. Based on this, the Authority is keen on sustainably developing institutional work, focusing on innovation and global leadership, employing future financial technology and harnessing emerging technology, artificial intelligence and digital technologies in working to achieve the Authority’s vision and mission aimed at protecting the rights of investors, promoting an attractive environment for capital based on innovative systems, and ensuring the provision of all administrative services in accordance with the highest standards of quality, efficiency and transparency.

We affirm that the national integration, in coordination and partnership with all national sectors, governmental and private, and civil society institutions, as well as constant coordination and communication with relevant international institutions and organizations, in addition to opening channels of effective and constant communication with all categories of customers and society, the principles of teamwork in the spirit of one team, ambitious development vision and a culture of creativity and innovation will remain our sustainable approach to continue the path of achievements, so that the Authority is always proactive and pioneering in providing the best services to customers and contributes effectively in the developmental stage for the next fifty years, in order to achieve the vision of "We Are the Emirates 2031" and for the UAE markets to be at the forefront of the global financial markets.

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