e-Participation Policy

e-Participation Policy

In managing social media accounts, SCA is keen to fully comply with the Guidelines for Social Media Use in UAE Government Entities.

SCA is committed to respond to its followers’ inquiries posted on its social media accounts on weekdays. Responses are made after inquiries are referred to the concerned department. This process takes three workdays.

SCA uses its social media accounts to conduct opinion polls. This is done on a quarterly basis, especially when an opinion poll forms a part of a given study.

SCA uses its social media accounts to announce competitions to the public. These include many annual cultural and awareness competitions, in addition to competitions held in national and religious occasions and on the sidelines of exhibitions. These competitions aim to increase public engagement and attract followers.

SCA uses its social media accounts to identify followers’ needs and communicate those needs to the relevant department.

SCA welcomes any feedback and inputs posted on its social media accounts. Nevertheless, it has the full discretion to block any content that may:

  1. Constitute a threat to security.
  2. Violate the privacy of, or be offensive to, any third party.
  3. Include inappropriate language.
  4. Constitute a breach of rules.

The e-content management team will review and approve any content posted by followers before it is published.

Issues of personal nature will be blocked and will not appear on SCA’s social media accounts.

The e-content management team responsible for managing SCA’s social media accounts will handle customer-specific details with utmost secrecy.

E-Content Management Team Code of Conduct

In managing SCA’s social media accounts, the e-content management team undertakes to:

  1. Observe the principles of respect and transparency in dealing with the public.
  2. Timely respond to all inquiries from the public and communicate their needs to the relevant departments.
  3. Take public suggestions into consideration and present these suggestions to the relevant department.
  4. Respond to feedback and remarks posted on social media accounts via:
    • Social media sites.
    • Email.
  5. Be courteous when reacting to feedback and responding to inquiries from website visitors and comply with SCA’s code of professional conduct and with the Guidelines for Social Media Use in UAE Government Entities.
  6. Send regular emails to SCA employees to urge them to use the website and ensure that social media icons are displayed on the website and on SCA’s printed matter.
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