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Term Description
Company A company whose Securities are listed on the Market.
Commodities Agricultural produce and natural resources extracted from under the ground and the seas after being processed and prepared for commercial use
Crypto Asset A record within an electronic network or distribution database functioning as a medium for exchange, storage of value, unit of account, representation of ownership, economic rights, or right of access or utility of any kind, when capable of being transferred electronically from one holder to another through the operation of computer software or an algorithm governing its use.
Commodity Token Any Crypto Asset that is not a Security Token.
Crypto Asset Exchange A platform or facility for the trading, conversion and/or exchange of Crypto Assets in return for other Crypto Assets, fiat currency, Securities and/or Commodities, which applies non-discretionary trading and/or order matching rules, or which brings potential buyers and sellers together (regardless of whether any resulting transaction is executed on the platform), or which is deemed to be a Crypto Asset Exchange under Chapter (6) of this Regulation, and is not otherwise excluded from being a Crypto Asset Exchange under Chapter (6) of this Regulation or is approved or licensed as a Crypto Fundraising Platform.
Crypto Asset Exchange Operator A legal person licensed by the Authority to establish and operate a Crypto Asset Exchange.
Crypto Asset Custody A legal person licensed by the Authority to practice Crypto Custody Services.
Crypto Asset Custody Services Crypto Asset Custody Services include the following activities:
  • In respect of Security Tokens and Regulated Commodity Tokens, any activity that would be considered Custody Services in respect of Crypto Assets if the Crypto Assets were Securities or commodities;
  • Services to control, safeguard, or manage private cryptographic keys (or equivalent) associated with Crypto Assets for or on behalf of any person; and
  • Other services, where the service provider holds, takes responsibility for or otherwise conducts control, safeguarding, or management of Crypto Assets for or on behalf of any person, including by maintaining portfolios for customers.
Crypto Fundraising Platform An electronic platform accessible online through which a facility is available for persons to commit funds to subscribe for Crypto Assets.
Crypto Fundraising Platform Operator A legal person licensed by the Authority to establish and operate a Crypto Fundraising Platform.
Controls on Combating Crimes of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism Controls related to combating crimes of money laundering, the financing of terrorism and illegal organizations as stipulated in Article (21) of this Regulation.
Crimes of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism Any violation of laws and regulations of the Sate and resolutions, regulations and controls of the Authority, which are related to combating crimes of money laundering and financing of terrorism.


Term Description
Market A securities and commodities market licensed in the State by the Authority
Market Members Brokers operating in the Market, shareholding companies and other parties which securities are listed therein.
Mother Company The company that establishes and oversees another company.
Market Controller The person authorized by the director general of the Market to oversee Trading movement.
Material information Any information, event, decision or fact that may directly or indirectly affect the price or trading movement or volume of the security or may have an effect on the investor's decision, including but not limited to, information or decisions related to the following:
  • Distribution of profits.
  • Increasing or decreasing the capital.
  • Changing in the Company's Board of Directors or its senior executive management.
  • Changing of the Company's activity or objective.
  • Acquisitions or mergers processes.
  • Restructuring, voluntary liquidation or bankruptcy of a Company or Mother, Subsidiary, Sister or Affiliate Company.
  • Credit rating report and any updates thereto.
  • Significant changes in the company's assets if it reaches 5% or more of its capital.
  • Financial contracts and obligations concluded or cancelled by the company once it reaches 5% or more of its capital.
  • Issuance of bonds or sukuk and any change thereto.
  • Transactions and dealings with the related parties.
  • The Company, one of its branches or the Mother, Subsidiary, Sister or Affiliate Company suspends its activity.
  • Any judicial lawsuit in which the company, any of its board members or senior executive management is a party ex officio.

The Board may determine any other information, decisions, events or facts to be material.


Term Description
Securities Shares, bonds and notes issued by joint stock companies, bonds and notes issued by the Federal Government or Local Governments, public authorities and public institutions in the State, and any other domestic or non-domestic financial instruments accepted by the Authority.
Subsidiary Company The company which at least half of its capital owned by another company.
Sister Company The company which is part of the same group as another company.
Security Token A Security to the extent issued, transferred or traded in the form of a Crypto Asset or a Crypto Asset that is deemed to be a Security pursuant to Article (4) of this Regulation, subject to the exclusion stipulated in in Article (3/ Second/ 3) of this Regulation.
Specific Use Credits Commodity Tokens issued or offered in the following cases:
  • Exclusively to users of an online game, information technology platform or application by the developer or its Related Parties, and which may not be redeemed or transferred, or may be redeemed only by such user to consume or enhance functionality or access additional services or rights in a specific game or application, or group of games or applications (but not redeemed for fiat currency, tangible property, or other Crypto Assets); or
  • By an employer to an employee, which may be redeemed at, or in relation to, consumer goods or services (not including fiat currency or other Crypto Assets) offered by or on behalf of the employer at the employee's place of work only; or
  • By a company to customers which may be redeemed exclusively for consumer goods and services at that company or its related parties (but not redeemed for fiat currency or other Crypto Assets).


Term Description
The Board The board of directors of the Authority.
The Committee The committee for examining applications for a license for listing.
The Clearing The entity that conducts the operations of settlement and payment of the funds due to the transacting parties.


Term Description
Broker A juristic person authorized pursuant to the provisions of this Law to conduct brokerage business in the Market.
Broker's Representative A natural person appointed by a Broker to conduct on its behalf brokerage business in transactions relating to Securities and Commodities.


Term Description
Profession The brokerage profession.
Promotion Marketing, distribution, advertising, publication or provision of any data, information, or promotional materials relating to a financial product in any way or means in accordance with the provisions of the Promotion and Introduction Regulations. This shall include Promotion of the offering.


Term Description
General Assembly The general assembly of the Market members.
General Clearing Member A legal person licensed by the Authority to conduct clearing and settlement processes.
Guidance Any decisions, controls or procedures issued by the Authority from time to time, generally or to one or more individual applicants, which are identified as guidance in respect of Crypto Assets, in accordance with Article (2) of this Regulation, and shall be subject to change at the sole discretion of the Authority.


Term Description
Investor Any person who makes a practice of selling and buying Securities in his name and for his account, and has been given a number by the Market directly or through a Broker.


Term Description
Regulated Commodity Token A Commodity Token designated as a Regulated Commodity Token under Article (11) of this Regulation or any other Commodity Token listed and traded on a Crypto Asset Exchange in any jurisdiction to the extent promoted, offered and/or issued in the State or the subject of any other financial activities conducted in the State.


Term Description
Loyalty Scheme A program for the issuance of Commodity Tokens as a reward for purchases of consumer products and/or services which may only be exchanged or redeemed in the following cases:
  • In return for consumer commodities and/or services (not including other Crypto Assets or money) from the operator of the scheme or its Related Parties;
  • In return for consumer commodities and/or services (not including other Crypto Assets or money) from a person with whom the operator of the scheme or its Related Parties have entered into arrangements to redeem the commodity tokens;
  • To credit the balance of Commodity Tokens of another person participating in the relevant reward scheme (whether or not the transferee has agreed to receive value for such transfer outside of the transfer facility).
Licensed person A person who holds a license to practice any of the activities related to the crypto assets under the provisions of this Regulation.


Term Description
Offering Any communication aims at requesting, causing, organizing or sponsoring the subscription for the issuance or offering of Crypto Assets, or subscription for the future issuance or offering of Crypto Assets. The term “offering” may include the promotion. The promotion does not constitute an offering in relation to the crypto assets if it is not related to this subscription.
Offering Documentation The documentation issued to investors by an Offering Person in respect of the offering in accordance with this Regulation.
Offering Person Any person communicating an issuing or Offering.


Term Description
Qualified Investor A natural or legal person who is able to manage his investments by himself according to the following conditions, unless he desires to be an ordinary investor:
  • First: A legal person that has any of the following conditions:
    • The federal government, local governments, governmental institutions and authorities, or the companies fully owned by any of the aforementioned.
    • Foreign governments and its institutions and authorities or the companies fully owned by any of them.
    • International bodies and organizations.
    • Entities licensed by the Authority or a similar regulatory authority.
    • The legal person that meets, at the date of the last financial statements, at least two of the following requirements:
      • Total value of its assets is (75) million UAE dirhams.
      • Net annual revenue of (150) million UAE dirhams.
      • It has a net equity or paid-up capital with a minimum of (7) million UAE dirhams.
  • Second: The natural person who is accredited by the Authority or a similar regulatory authority to practice any of the tasks related to the financial activities or services.
  • Third: The natural person who meets the following conditions:
    • He owns net equity, excluding his main residence, amounting to (4) million UAE dirhams.
    • His annual income is not less than (1) million UAE dirhams per annum.
    • He declares that he has the adequate knowledge and experience in the field of investment he will practice and its risks or he is represented by an entity licensed by the Authority, in a manner that does not conflict with the terms of its license.
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