Report about key indicators and achievements of SCA’s Professional Training and Examinations Centre (PTEC) in 2020:

  1. The PTEC provided training to 701 participants taking part in 21 workshops organized in collaboration with the Union of Arab Securities Authorities (UASA) as part of a system of standards developed and adopted for the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Program.
  2. The number of exams administered by the PTEC exceeded 1,500 this year, although its activities ceased for more than three months due to COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns.
  3. The PTEC provided free training services to 146 securities specialists as well as to 38 SCA staff members.
  4. The PTEC has been offering societal services to UAE national students in non-securities-related professions and provided full training to 37 students from the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT).
  5. The PTEC has provided training to 237 bank and financial market professionals who are currently working to undertake the CPD hours required annually.
  6. The specialized training courses delivered by the PTEC have contributed to an increase in the pass rates for the Introduction to Securities and Investment exam and the Operational Risk exam to 80% and 60%, respectively, in 2020, compared to 73% and 44%, respectively, in 2019.
  7. The PTEC provided its services in equating exams and professional certificates to more than 60 applicants this year.
  8. The PTEC verified the accuracy of the documents and data provided and approved over 600 CPD electronic applications.
  9. The PTEC contributed to the establishment of a committee to interview and test applicants wishing to be registered as securities experts with the Ministry of Justice. The committee began operating in September of last year.
  10. The report indicated that the PTEC’s board of trustees held two virtual meetings in June and December of last year and that it made decisions that had a great impact on promoting the PTEC’s achievements.
  11. It is worth noting that the PTEC is the first center of its kind in the region to provide training to brokers and professionals in the financial services industry. It has become an integrated training and learning platform that helps to: elevate the performance of professionals in the finance and investment sectors, address labor market challenges and requirements, and train UAE nationals, in addition to keeping pace with the latest developments in the financial services industry to serve the interest of the national economy in general, and that of customers and investors in particular.
  12. The PTEC offers eight professional licensing exams—namely, Introduction to Securities and Investment (International), UAE Financial Rules and Regulations, Securities, Operational Risk, Risk in Financial Services, International Certificate in Wealth Management (Level 3), International Certificate in Wealth Management (Advanced), and Global Financial Compliance. The CPD is primarily targeted at personnel in commodity and brokerage firms as well as UAE-based banks working as representatives of brokers, compliance officers/anti-money laundering officers/internal controllers, operation managers/trading managers/clearing officers, risk management officers, financial analysts, investment managers/chief investment officers, and promotion managers.
  13. The PTEC, which is working with experts and local and international specialized training institutions and universities in the field of training, offers specialized certificates, in collaboration with the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI), that entitle holders to work in the UAE financial markets.
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