SCA holds Customer Voice forums to gather input and feedback on its services

H.E. Dr. Maryam Butti Al Suwaidi, Chief Executive Officer of the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA), met with customers in an open virtual meeting to promote effective communication with them, get their suggestions and input, and identify the immediate challenges facing them when applying for SCA’s services.

Dr. Al Suwaidi has been keen to be present at all Customer Voice forums—organized regularly by SCA—and has made that at the top of her agenda. This comes as part of SCA’s continuing efforts to listen to customers and implement the government directives to achieve customer happiness and report strong satisfaction results that not only meet customer expectations, but exceed them.

“The Securities and Commodities Authority, as a regulatory body, has been relentlessly seeking to create a favorable climate for customers and to craft solutions to all service delivery challenges,” Dr. Al Suwaidi said in her opening speech, adding that this is done by “implementing the principles outlined in the UAE Government Charter for Future Services, especially “listening to customer’s voice” to take their suggestions and feedback into consideration and providing interconnected and integrated services using channels that cater to customer preferences through a unified government interface”.

Items on the agenda of the forum—held in the presence of a number of investment fund officials and senior employees—included a presentation to introduce participants to the services provided to local and foreign investment funds. This is aimed at identifying the challenges facing customers and getting them involved in finding solutions and devising plans for improvement, depending on their needs and requirements.

Discussed at the forum was a list of 14 services provided to local and foreign investment funds, including deregistering local investment funds, registering local investment funds under the passporting regime, registering local promoters for foreign investment funds, registering foreign investment funds under the passporting regime, and amending the offering document of local investment funds.

The forum was concluded with a discussion and inputs from participants. Representatives from the Investment Funds Section answered participant questions, thus making the forum a fruitful experience with the proposals put forward and the mechanisms suggested for implementation.

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