Gulf Investment Awareness Program “Mulim” extends application deadline for the Smart Gulf Investor Award

The Gulf Investment Awareness Program, “Mulim”, will continue to receive applications in the first round of the Smart Gulf Investor Award until the end of this November, with cash awards of up to 250,000 Saudi riyals.

The award aims to urge the public and encourage GCC citizens and residents to produce awareness content and establish creative ideas related to the culture of investment and financial transactions in three main categories: videography, photography, and drawing. A committee, including experts from across the GCC, was set up to oversee the award process and evaluate the applications received.

Participants can upload their applications to the award’s webpage on the program’s website The public can also contact the program’s officials with their inquiries through the website.

The committee overseeing the award is aiming to intensify campaigns to promote the award using social media accounts. It is reaching out to school and university students by attending on-campus events and coordinating with the GCC educational institutions to promote the award. The program will further take advantage of the World Investor Week campaign, scheduled to kick off in October, to introduce the award.

On this occasion, the Securities and Commodities Authority urges the Emirati youth and interested citizens to apply for the award and view the contents of the campaign by visiting the program’s website or its Twitter and Instagram accounts @MulimGCC.

It is worth noting that Mulim was launched under the umbrella of the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council. The program brings together GCC securities authorities with the aim of raising awareness of financial transactions and investment in financial markets through the campaigns and awareness events it offers.

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