Open Data Policy

Open Data Policy

Open data policy is developed in accordance with the best practices adopted by SCA as part of its continuous improvement and development efforts, most notably the provision of open data that can be accessed by all of its customers. Open data enables customers to view, make use of, and occasionally provide feedback on the draft decisions posted on the website before they are approved and published.

Open data policy is formulated in response to directives issued in this regard and to meet the criteria set by UAE-based government bodies and departments concerning open data. The concept of open data also refers to the need for making information and data available to everyone to access, reuse, and redistribute with no financial or legal restrictions.

Open data policy aims to explain the policies pertaining to the management of open data on the website, as per the controls stipulated under these sections:

Terms of open data reuse:​

  1. Open data may be used, reused, and republished by any natural person or corporate or government body.
  2. In protecting intellectual property rights; maintaining the credibility of the data obtained; and ensuring the reliability of its source, open data users are obliged to cite SCA as the source of the data.
  3. Open data users are not permitted to attempt to mislead others by altering the data or failing to cite its source.
  4. Open data may not be used to serve political purposes, to support illicit capital market activities, or to mislead markets.
  5. SCA shall assume no liability whatsoever for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, special, or exemplary damages that may result from the use or misuse of the open data.
  6. Open data users undertake to assume full liability for the use of the open data.
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