Reporting actions that contradict the principles of Good Governance

Dear Whistleblower,

This link aims to give employees, customers, suppliers, and strategic partners the opportunity to report actions that contradict SCA’s principles of Good Governance. This whistleblowing link will help ensure the implementation of the good governance policy and meet the aspirations and the noble objectives of the good government by applying global governance principles in all fields and dealing with those who violate federal laws and regulations or the general work ethics or cause damage to SCA’s reputation.

This link was designed to promote the role of concerned parties in helping to detect law violations and instances of power abuse, mismanagement, or waste of public funds while taking into account that whistleblowers must not lose track and that they are not blowing the whistle to retaliate against those engaged in the actions reported.

Your help in exposing and curbing violations will surely have a positive impact. You are free to reveal your name in the report as the whistleblower or to stay anonymous. SCA assures you that no whistleblower information or data will be communicated to any party for safety purposes.

Submit a report to: Link

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